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Working with 95 yr mother with dementia non behavior

what's the difference non behavior and dementia


I have been or was my Mom’s Caregiver since early 2020 and she has had undiagnosed dementia besides chronic constipation and bad arthritis in her knees. I have had a few of my own disabilities and I have cared for her as much as myself. Let me just say more than myself. I have endured chronic pain in my feet from extensor foot tendinitis and lower back pain. I had surgery on an umbilical hernia back in Feb 2018 and I got Caregiver stress that has my Sister’s ex Navy Seal Boyfriend wanting to kick me out of the only place I have to live at the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment my Mom and I have lived in for over 16 years. He recently back in Easter was going to barge in my bedroom after I took a shower and to maybe fight me. He’s an ex Navy Seal Ex Alcoholic and he’s my Half Sisters age of 67 this Sunday which is Mother’s Day. I figure there is a difference between non behavior and dementia but neither is good. My Mom drinks vodka martinis and goes through 750 ML in a week or less so she’s not happy all the time. She’s 91 years old and has been since Christmas Eve. I get told that by her a few times a week or more. I tell her I know you are 91 years old I’m ADHD and I have past trauma. I believe in PTSD and my Sister’s boyfriend doesn’t. What sense does it make!? Lord have mercy. 

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