Why does Medicare NOT allow Pharmacuetical discounts

Prior to Medicare I had regular old insurance from my employer plan. I have been taking some pretty expensive meds for about 9 years now. I was able to take advantage of the drug company's copay assistance discounts which made my yearly costs about $300. Medicare DOES NOT allow these discounts, so now my annual costs have jumped to over $7,000. Is this how Medicare is supposed to be helping seniors?
AARP Expert

Every county has access to an insurance counselor through the state to help people with Medicare get the most help with medications and other insurance issues. The website will link you to an agency that may help you, and otherwise you can go to:, Which explains what 

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)s

do. You have the option during open enrollment each November to sign up for a part D prescription plan, and that should save you a considerable amount on your out of pocked expenses. Also if you are low enough income, you can get help paying your premiums, too.


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