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Re: What can we learn from caregiving in hindsight?

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I've been a family caregiver (or "assistant") multiple times, including a 7-year period as a teenager. These are the things I learned not only from my own experiences, but from those of friends:


- It feels very good to know that you did the right thing, and made life better for someone you loved.

- Sometimes it's easier to do things yourself, than deal with family members who contribute little and/or cause strife.

- It's helpful to find a supportive outlet, like a facilitated caregivers support group. It's a place to exchange good information, and where you can vent frustrations in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

- It should feel like a welcome relief when the need to be a caregiver is over. It's great if the person was only temporarily in need, but death is a part of the cycle too.

- No one should give up their own life so much, that they can't back on track with their own life, after a reasonable period of time.

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What can we learn from caregiving in hindsight?

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The first anniversary of my mother's death from complications of vascular dementia and kidney failure just passed. It was an occasion for me to look back on the 7 years during which I was her caregiver. My article on what I believe I learned is below. What have you learned about yourself, your capabilities, and your areas of weakness through the course of your caregiving journey?



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