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Welcome to the AARP Caregiving Community

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Hello and welcome to the AARP Online Community Caregiving forum.  In this forum, we discuss all topics related to caregiving in hopes of improving the quality of life for caregivers. 


Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Community User Guidelines and our Terms of Service.  We also have a help link in the upper right of all forum pages that will offer assistance along the way.


Please remember that this forum is public.  Anyone can read the posts, but to reply to a post you must be a registered user of the AARP website.  If you would like to engage and are not currently a register user of our site, click the Register link on the top right of this page. 


Good to Know:


  • All users have the ability to edit their posts after posting


  • The Caregiving forum includes two boards: Caregiving and Grief & Loss.  All forums and public and all posts to these forums are public.


  • Subscriptions let you get email updates whenever new content appears in an area of the community that you're interested in.  You can subscribe to a forum (e.g., Caregiving or Grief & Loss), individual thread (e.g., Re: Elder abuse and visitation) or a specific post (option in the right rail of the page as you reply). To turn on a subscription you’ll need to click on the “ “ (three dots or show options menu) that’s at the top of each forum category, thread or post.  Selecting the “subscribe” option turns it on.


  • Turning off subscriptions is done the same way. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, but note that your “subscription” option now reads “unsubscribe.”  Clicking on the unsubscribe link will turn off your subscription.
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