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Update Older Americans Act, AARP Tells HHS

My Dearest AARP Members:

it is good to read a possible update to the Older Americans Act dated so far ahead of its future that has benefitted so many of those over the age of 60 years young.

In the past year or so I have learned as an AARP Member who can give Reward Points to benefit those of the Older Americans Act & for me 50 to 59 years of age; I am again left out of the equation, Act, the benefits of being an Older American in several federal agency's (HUD, some retirement plans, & even AARP); it has caused me such sorrow & grief to know to avail.

Would you Could you Please extend the Older Americans Act to 55 years even better yet to 50 year young; for it sure would benefit those of us who need the help prior to being 60 & the Act is so outdated; it is very old to say the least. (I honestly do feel so differently discriminated against with all the new laws, Acts, policy's, regulations, & so shy of "benefits".)🙏 light bulb icon

Thank you

Stay Healthy!!!

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