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Supporting my wife as caregiver

My MIL lives 600 miles away, and until one month ago, my wife would visit her regularly. Last month, my MIL fell and broke her hip. Two surgeries and one covid diagnosis later, my wife is living in her Mom's house while my MIL is in rehab. My wife goes there every day to make sure her Mom is eating, encourage rehab, etc... Over the last three months, my wife has been out of state 2/3 of the time. What can I do right now to best support my wife in her role?

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@GeorgeR697755 , I think it is wonderful for you to think of what you could do for her. Of course you have to tell her you love her and are proud of what she is doing. I am sure you already do that.

There are many things to do. This is just a few from my point of view. I will mention some things, that you probably already do.While she is gone, (if you are able) you take care of daily household things, grocery shopping and so forth so that she doesn't have to do everything when she comes home. When she is home do those things together or do some for her. 


But most important:  Ask her what she needs/wants.


Good luck and thanks for being there for her.




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