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Strong desire to see grand kids often-but totally wiped out afterwards

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Strong desire to see grand kids often-but totally wiped out afterwards

I doubt there is a grandparent who does not like to see their grandchildren.  I am no exception to that group and I actually ache when it has been some time between their visits.  I MUCH prefer them to be at my house when their parents just go away to dinner or shopping or whatever--simply because I like to "spoil them a tad".  I do not do anything against their parents direct rules, but I like to give them cookies and milk before bedtime, etc.....


I am (sad to say) equally as glad to see them go---but it is because I am totally wiped out after these 3 boys leave our home.  I am not in a coma....but I am exhausted as I look around at all the things that I now have to get back to "normal" once they leave.  The 9 and 7 year old like to get out games and such and play board games with grandma and I enjoy this because I am sitting and relaxing and it is not too taxing on me----but that 1 year old brother of theirs.....well, he has learned how to walk and I have to put up the remote controls, our eyeglasses, all breakables, etc.   I want to spend an equal amount of time with each of them, but there is such a big difference in their ages that I find myself constantly watching the 1 year old so that he does not get hurt-instead of just enjoying the other two older boys.   Does anyone else have this bittersweet experience or is it just me?

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Your grandkids do sound lively!   There are more posts like yours over at that part of the community.



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