Rights for Seniors

Many Seniors find themselves locked up for life due to the decisions of others. These people don’t have sufficient legal representation & little understanding of the freedoms that should  be theirs. They are moved from facilitiy to facility with no voice in the matter, and sometimes never see home again. What can we do to help insure them of their rights as Americans & as individuals with a voice? 

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They should have appointed, sometimes in the past, a Health Care POA for themselves relaying their wishes to the appointed person.


However, with that said, finances as well as physical condition and type and amount of care also have to be a consideration as well as any state programs that maybe able to help them out IF their condition is of the type where home care is beneficial and will work just as well, if not better, than institutional care.  Some state programs are good; others not so much.


Facilities I(institutions) should have an Ombudsman person that can listen to the person's concerns or that of their Health care POA.





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