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Relocating Mom (NY)to my state(FL) questions...


Relocating Mom (NY)to my state(FL) questions...

Hello!  I have to go up and move my mom and have her live with me.  Can I buy  financial POA forms (from Office Max) and notarize them with her at her bank? She is of sound mind. Does anyone know the steps in order for me to move her (I have no one to ask)? I figure I  go up, organize her affairs, pack her, move her. She is excited about it.  Can't be that simple, can it????

Thanks for any help.


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Friday - June 11, 2021


Hi @cathyl301349 has your mom relocated as yet? Would luv to hear how things turned out. My daughter will be coming to move me and tow my car. I am in Virginia, she is in Florida. Totally excited like your mom 😁 Angela

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How simple it is depends on your mom and you - get things set up right.

I find it easier to see a lawyer for a durable POA - maybe they could make it a package if she does not yet have her Last Will and Testament, Health Care Directive or Living Will.  

  • It is simplier because the witnesses are already handy,
  • the lawyer should know what is required for the state - 
  • your mom can talk directly to the lawyer, ask questions
  • the lawyer can attest to her mental condition (but having a doctor's statement helps, depending upon her age, understanding and clarity)
  • if there is more than one child, your Mom, being of sound mind with a doctor's statement and a lawyer completing the document, should help any other sibling feel that this was her choice and not influenced by you to cause some sort of a riff.

Also, make sure that your mother establishes (2) other things for the Government:

1.  She should go on her mySocialSecurity site or establish one and add someone as her Representative Payee - The Social Security Administration doesn't go by POA, instead a person appointed as your mother's Representative Payee can oversee her benefits if an when the time comes that such is needed. - FAQ on Representative Payee 

2.  Medicare Representative:  A Medicare representative is someone appointed by the beneficiary that can discuss things with Medicare - care, claims, appeals, etc.  Again, the appointed person is assigned this status by your mother - either online at myMedicare account or via the form indicated in this link. - How to appoint a representative 


Your mother should be with you at any financial institution that she is going to do business in the new state.  This gives them a chance to meet both of you and understand the POA arrangement with both of you.  You know that it is activated at the time that you sign it but you do not have to use it until such time that your mother gives you the authority(perhaps for something special) or when something happens and your mother can no longer act on her behalf - so it is up to your mom - by choice or by consequences.  Periodic or continuous -


They will, most likely, also want you and your mom to fill out & sign their individual POA form.  They will tell you how any accounts need to be titled for ease in the transition.


Remember if she is on a Medicare Advantage plan - that will probably have to switched to the new state - same company IF it operates in the new state.

If she is on Traditional Medicare with or without a Supplemental plan, I believe all you have to do is change her address - her supplemental policy premiums may go up or down - it is state regulated.

Change her drug plan too if it is a free standing one.

She will have to find new docs - transfer her medical records.   I hear seniors love their docs and insurance plans in Florida.

Don't forget to change her address on SS and Medicare.  

Packing and moving her is probably the easiest part but rest assured that once all this is finished - it is usually once and done.

That's all I can think of at the moment.  Glad your mom is excited and hope she likes Sunny Florida.


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