Parkinsons diesease

I am Nami. I help boxers in a gym who have tremors and shakes. Most people don't see this as a big deal to help elderly people who can't control their spasms. But it is a rewarding chance to be gentle, show people how they can increase their health by exercise, and control their balance. Sure this may be short and sounds good but, myself not too long had never heard of this sort of disease before. Wasn't until a gym showed me one day passing by, elderly folks boxing to help enhance issues they struggle with everyday, for all of their life. I hope more people find out about gyms that do this to help people of all ages, genders, how they can not only feel rewarded for being good and patient with something they don't havefor others. But learn and feel through each moment you're improving someones tremors, shakes, aches, even balance so they aren't hurting themselves and feel heathier, stronger.

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Thanks so much for this post. I am visiting a friend just now who has Parkinsons. I will mention to his daughter.
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