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Other resources for caregivers.

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I'm reacting to a post by Demetria or something like that.  She is in her 60's and caring for her mom who's in her 80's. She reached out in this forum for some support.  I responded to her as did many others, but it got me thinking.   In addition to these forums hosted by AARP there are lots of other groups, associations, and websites with information we can use.  So can we use this thread to share our resources?


Here's mine: 

Debbie Howard is a marketing researcher, who recently cared for her mom.  She's taken that experience and, in addition to writing a book about it, she's created a website and newsletter with a lot of information.  Information I wish I had had when I was caring for my mom.  I think it has value.  You can check it out here:  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, as that has different information than the site. 

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