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My vacation after Kiki taking care of my wife 28 years

Hello AARP members, my name is John I'm I'm from Colorado you got 40 years I came to Colorado through the military 1978 the exact year it was a Adventure getting here Colorado well my my car broke down and I hitchhiked my way from Kansas City Kansas to Fort Riley Kansas from there I took a plane to Colorado it was a few months after I met my wife of 28 years met her do one of her friends well I was introduced to her and her friend went about her business and and from she turned out she turned to be my wife and we 10 beautiful years partying having fun well after that we wanted to settle down we did it took us awhile to have kids but we didn't but and he's beautiful after that the disease the disease multiple sclerosis was diagnosed 9 months after our son was born well she, no we fought the disease the 15 years before she passed away well myself and my son was devastated it was hard to theto understand li at that point but we manage to do that well quit my job jobs I can say that because I took care of her had a had a ful job on top of that my son he was a teenager adolescent well we need to get away so see my family in the state of Indiana where I grew up in. well before we left i had a part time job taking care of other's a week before we left I brought lottery game tickets one morning, and went to work after I got off want home to shower then went for a ride on my motorcycle and that evening at the bar for a few drinks I went into my jacket and find the tickets I almost forgot so pumping them out started to check them out and Lord and behold my second scratch ticket up to up to be $7, 000 winner and at that point I was on vacation LOL myself and my son had a wonderful time with my family for the two weeks we were there the idea was to get our minds off of her which was fantastic that $7, 000 made a big difference but unfortunately we had to come back to life but it wasn't as bad as at the beginning we we missed her loved her we missed her very bad but I had to make sure that my son was okay he had a year left of school I focused on him for 2 for two years after until he turned 18years of age, well I don't know how most people feel about spirits the soles of our loved ones that are gone but she is she is still here weeks after passed which freak me out, but that was another story my point is having a full-time job taking care of my wife while she was sick and take care of my son was so hard so devastating people ask me how did I do it well I tell them I actually told them this is part of my life and I have to do it for better or worse and today I'm still on vacation with my sons his wife and his my two grandkids well my son is a miracle are we thought we lost him two weeks prior but it was he's sister we found just to save him I am I am blessed to have two more miracles granddaughter and grandson I am enjoying my vacation very much so sweet to says John is my name and playing with my grandkids is the game thank you very much.

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@johna845234 wrote:

Hello AARP members, my name is John I'm I'm from Colorado>

thank you very much.

@johna845234  thank you for sharing your story John.  Best wishes to you



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