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Hello. My name is Elaine and I have an elderly mother with Parkinson's. I'd like to connect with adult children caring for elderly parents. 

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Hello- I work for the Parkinson's Foundation and am including below some suggestions from the Parkinson's Foundation for connecting with other Care partners including their online forum where you can interact with other care partners and ask questions of the Foundation's Helpline staff.

Numerous resources (books, videos, fact sheets, webinars) for caregivers of people with Parkinson's.

A place to ask your Parkinson’s questions, connect with others living with the disease and be part of a network of support.
Learn more about this online series of programs occurring weekly in May, designed specifically for care partners of people living with Parkinson's disease. 


The Foundation also has a collaboration with AARP and has an upcoming June webinar n Parkinson's and Medicare if that's of interest.


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The Parkinson's Foundation




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There is also a talkative group on Facebook sponsored by AARP, if you're on facebook:    


As I recall, Parkinson's has so many aspects to it. I used to be a geriatric care manager, and one of my clients had Parkinson's. She'd been a pharmacist, but as she declined, she lost speech. Eventually she had trouble swallowing, and instead of putting in some sort of peg to artificially feed her, she went into hospice care at home. She had a lovely husband who took care of her, along with a daily aide. There are so many decisions to make. I hope you have support in your efforts to care for her and be with her at this time.


Welcome, Elaine.

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Hi @ElaineG195486 I see you have the AARP newbie title, welcome 🙂 I may be wrong, but the Caregiving Forum being managed by @AARPMichaelP may be a good fit for you. Good luck! (I see @AARPMichaelP MOVED your post into his forum. What an AWESOME guy!!)