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I like in Indiana and am pursuing employment with assistance from Vocational Rehabilitation Services. I am having trouble getting the services in a timely matter. The counselor repeatedly "forgets" or is otherwise inattentive in managing my case. I have tried the Client Assistance Program but they are just another branch of social services that VR is. So, they didn't help. I'm looking for someone who isn't with another state agency who might be able to advocate or support me. Someone who might have experience with the system or otherwise with advocacy / mediation who can follow up and possibly keep things moving a little faster. I realize this is a little different, but any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!
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Hey there. Bureaucracies can be so frustrating!  I have a suggestion. It will help if you document each phone call and interaction, each 'promise' made to call you back or process your application or whatever, which then shows a pattern of incompetence, rudeness, or just glacial-like slowness. Then i'd call your Indiana state representative, the one who represents you, and talk to the 'constituent services' person. Tell them your complaints. Give them specifics. And then see what they can do. You need to go 'up the chain of command' to your state government. 


Good luck.


I looked them up and they have a Twitter account.


It might be helpful to mention your problems with them in a tweet. I hate to say it, but sometimes, publicly 'shaming' an organization like this works — the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They may not like the presumed bad publicity and will hopefully do what they can to rectify the situation fairly quickly.


If you don't currently have a Twitter account you could certainly join and tweet them yourself, but I would suggest you ask someone you know who has an established account with a decent number of followers and have them tweet on your behalf.  


If you don't know anyone with such an account, then absolutely join Twitter yourself and tweet them directly. 


Maybe tweet something like, "Hi, I'm having difficulty getting assistance from @IndianaVR due to forgotten appointments from my counselor and the Client Assistance Program is not helpful."


Or, even "Hey, has anyone else missed out on necessary services because their counselor @IndianaVR has 'forgotten' to follow up on their case? Any suggestions how to get the assistance I need?"


It may be worth a try. You definitely need to call them out directly, though, so "@IndianaVR" needs to be included, but not at the beginning of the tweet.  I'm no social media expert, but I'm happy to help where I can if you have questions.


Thanks but without going into a long history of experience, me trying to communicate with them directly (or through social media) doesn't help. I've tried. They refer to CAP or other agencies that they're directly connected to who, unfortunately, don't do any better. The system is flawed and is why I was looking for someone who has direct experience navigating it or is at least a skilled communicator.
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@g104303h wrote:

The system is flawed and is why I was looking for someone who has direct experience navigating it or is at least a skilled communicator.

You might want to try the elected official route. Either the Congressional Representative or the Senator representing your area. Their offices sometimes can act as an advocate and usually get results.

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