Living With Parent for 3 years and helping care for them, Thinking now of moving out but close by.

Hi first time here.


I'm 65 moved in with my parent about three years ago when they had become very sick.  Stayed with them through Covid.  Sold condo as I wasn't staying there and to be honest seemed like a no brainier since I was making about 3 times what I paid for it.  They had got better but now as they are getting older are requiring more care.  I am also retired. 


They are still able to drive but I have them keep it to within 5 miles of the are.  Forgetting to do things are the main issues.  Turn off water, put away food when done, has left the oven on.  Only once did I see he had left a burner on.  Have him using a walker and I have got him use to using it.  My plan is to introduce him to home health care.  Will start having that conversation with him today.


I'm thinking of moving into a rental property.  I'm feeling I would like to have more independence again.  I will not move far away and still plan on going there a few times a week to check on meds, hang out and other items.  A large sum of money will be coming my way also at the end of the month.  I would like to live life now while I still can.  Do some traveling etc.  


I'm trying to decide if moving out is the right decision or am just adding extra complications or feeling guilty maybe.  Maybe someone else out there has dealt with the same?




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