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How to deal and how to handle

How do you deal with the memory loss??

How do you handle the "false" memories created that a person with alheimers or dementia may create?? Especially if they are adamant about their memories being correct...

Do you correct them?? Do you keep correcting them??

Do you just agree with them and let it be??

How do you deal with their accusations and perhaps lies on you? Minor or major, do you let it slide??

How do you distinguish between the disease and maybe their natural behavior, or if they're sometimes pretending??

They know they're losing the battle ...and I assume it to be the last battle for self control and agency over themselves..

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You just do the best with the matter at hand..It's not a case of being right when dealing with those who suffer with this terrible disease..Insistance will only make it worse..If you know you're right you don't have to prove it to the person who insists that you're wrong and what will be gained from the whole situation at hand..You're the caregiver to make sure they don't harm themselves and you deal with what's at hand in the best way possible. If you can't deal with it there are places that can or join a group to get feedback as to what is the best way in dealing with upcoming issues at hand...Somethings that get locked in ones minds will never accept what may be the correct version and what does it matter at this stage ..Somethings are better left said undone're not going to change their mind even if it's put right in front of let it go.It's a very hard job with no rewards only peace of mind that you're doing the best that one can and after they're gone you will have no regrets for the job that you took ..Perhaps you need an extra hand so you can step away from the situation at hand look to any outside volunteer help that may be available to you..Start with the council on aging or someother state agency that may point you in the right direction..

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