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I am currently taking care of my 93 year old grandmother who is bedbound, and I also take care of my two elderly parents who have health issues. In 2020 I quit my job at Target in order to take care of my family. My grandmother would like me to get paid for taking care of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in the state of Kansas
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Hello Heather,I just wanted to welcome you to the community. This is a very good place for support,talking things out,and getting the help and advice you need. Enjoy.

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Your State is where you need to look - some states have programs to pay for caregivers (family or otherwise) who help those who are on MEDICAID.

If your grandmother and (2) elderly parents aren't on Medicaid, you are pretty much out of luck in getting the government to pay you.  The program is administered by the state under their Medicaid program.

The way some states work is that under their Home and Community Based Services, (HCBS) they will pay the MEDICAID beneficiary a specific amount (pretty low) and they can pay you out of these funds because it helps to keep them out of Nursing homes. - LTSS Information Home- and Community-Based Services


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Do you know of any caregiver working now in New York 

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@a61854w I do not know anything about the program in NY - but you can research it.

Go Here -

 NY Dual Eligibles 

Then go down to PACE - Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

Read all of this area and then go down to the subheading of:

Do PACE participants qualify for CDPAP?

Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP)


Once you know if you qualify - you can give them a call.




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