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Getting my grandma to eat more nutritious food

Hello everyone, I'm a part-time caregiver for my grandmother and I'm a bit concerned about her diet. She eats the same thing everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner unless I take her out to McDonald's or the few other places she will eat different foods. I've had success FaceTiming her while I'm cooking my dinner and seeing if she likes when I'm cooking and if she does I will drive over and give dinner but other than that it is very limited. I should say she has dentures but chooses only to wear the top part so it may be harder for her to eat some food than others and I'm inexperienced with that kind of thing. Anyway, I'm looking for any advice from people who have very picky eaters, or know how to deal with the discomfort of eating while only wearing top dentures. Thank you very much, I appreciate you reading my post even if you can't give me any advice.
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The Wise Woman is indeed very wise. 

I have 2 ideas. One is, she might benefit from having a swallowing study, which means her primary care doctor will refer her for a speech therapy consult, usually in the hospital done as an outpatient. The therapist will watch on a screen for her to swallow, and see if there's any problem. She might be eating stuff that isn't adequately chewed, and that information will help the speech therapist and doctor make recommendations. Then maybe a dietitian consultation after that. the two of you can go to that and she can pick what she wants.


Second idea. Make her a smoothie, with protein powder, frozen fruits like berry mix, blueberries, cherries, and slip in some kale or spinach. I make these myself and it increases my green veggie counts! I don't taste a thing. A good way to get teenagers to eat greens, too.


Your grandma is so lucky to have you!



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Hello, Kady! How sweet and caring you are!


First, let me please address your concern of your g'mas denture problem. I have full-set (20 yrs) but only wear the top when in public (kinda okay with wearing mask as don't have to wear dentures).


I have not needed to use to eat during that entire 2 decades, but can if attending public function.


So don't think that's an issue with your g-ma.


Now, the "picky eater" issue, let me share re that: I have favs and at this point in my life, things I'm tired of and won't bother with.


For example, I'll make 9 true Philly Steak sandwiches and 10 spring rolls in 2 weeks; not sure why that would be a problem.


I also signed up for imperfect foods delivery of produce when the pandemic began as I was worried about people who didn't care about others and contaminating produce in American stores then, as reported.


I found myself eating more "whole foods" at better prices via imperfect. And now I'm ordering most everything I need conveniently through ImperfectFoods.






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