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Expert Series: Week 3: 11/18-24. Are you or do you know a sandwich generation caregiver?

Are you or do you know a “sandwich generation” caregiver? Many caregivers, especially those of recent Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, face the challenge of caring for a spouse, sibling or adult child while also caring for their younger children. What advice would you give these sandwiched caregivers?

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Remember to take a break daily and weekly if you can!  Deligate things to the children. A 3 to 4 yr old can empty waste baskets! 4 to 5 can set the table. They can all deal with dirty and clean laundry and pick up toys and dishes. It is not all your job!!

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I love that!  I think that as caregivers we sometimes feel as if we are the only ones who can do it-- or= its just faster to do it ourselves.  But you are right-- giving children roles as well as the older generation (my mom loves to fold her grandkids laundry or cut up salad stuff)  then everyone feels like they have a role.  And finally, I also think about the fact that Im teaching my children important life lessons about caring for family....

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