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Covid-19 Drives Technology Across Senior Living

With the pandemic effecting our physical connections with our loved ones over the past year it has been especially difficult for those in nursing homes, etc...


Covid-19 was a means to bringing further consumer acceptance in terms of device usage, telehealth, remote monitoring and virtual care. 


The coronavirus pandemic exposed to a greater degree the known dangers of social isolation in older adults and tech enabled workforce solutions!


How has tech changed the living experience for your loved one and the relationship you have with them?

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Hello @AARPMichaelP !

My mom was in a nursing home until she passed away a month ago. Due to Covid, the last time we were able to visit was last spring. We tried doing FaceTime visits with her, but she had Dementia and that seemed to agitate and confuse her even more. We were left to phone calls where she would ramble on. Who knows if she knew it was us, but at least we could hear her voice!

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We had a very similar experience with my partner's grandmother. Sorry for your loss @LindaB671. These times make losing a loved one in that way very difficult. Holding you and your family in light and love 💜

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Awwww!  That's so tough. At least you guys gave it a shot. I know we have spoken before, but I am truly sorry for your loss and at least your mother is at peace now!  I am sure a time or two the voice was recognized even for a split second of familiarity and likely brought her joy!

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