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Here is a fluid list of which phases different states find themselves in with the intent to re-open. How has re-opening affected you and your loved one in your area, or has it?



I am in Northern California (the Real one, as in the Far Northern area of the state  from Butte County north to the Oregon border. This area is most definitely

RED.I REPEAT.. REDREDTRUMP2020...the Gov.  can simply shove his mandates.

And GrusomeNewsome needs to be in jail for EXTORTION! Beins' as how his actions say " do what I say, or you get no $, no permits, etc. Thats the only reason 90%of the businesses that are left even consider complying. 

He's killing this state. 

This entire country needs to get with the reality That all these MANDATES put in place by the governors of each state are absolutely ridiculous.  They want you to believe that this Virus is so smart that it knows if your in a group of 10 or more outside  in your own front yard.  This virus is so smart that it knows if your a protestor or not. It knows that your are following whatever guidelines they put in place so it wont attack you.  Hey I have a bridge to sell you made of gold in the Bay area of San Francisco, CA.  

The mask is STUPID and does nothing but truly weaken your own Immune system.  EVERYONE is going to get this and It is going to come back in a different strain or mutation every year just like the FLU.  Do your own research on this and quit listening to bias propaganda.  They are actually Slowing down our ability to develop the herd immunity in our country.  This whole Pandemic was truly not a Pandemic it never was.  It has been used as a political tool and to incite fear and control over the general public. 

Our new POTUS is nothing more then a Domestic Terrorist, a demented puppet for a party of corrupted career politicians who want to control you, make you pay high taxes to provide for illegal immigrants and lazy asses whom do not wish to contribute when the is no reason the could not.  

Is Covid real?  yes it is real.  Is it Deadly, Yes it can be, just like the flu or H1N1, SARs, etc. and if you have existing health issues you need to take the necessary precautions just as you would for any other illness.  Remember this. People DIE EVERY DAY!!  it is an unavoidable event in the circle of life.  You are responsible for taking your own precautions in life for your health.  If your sick, stay home. If your afraid, stay home. It is unfair as a human being for you to control any individuals way of life based on your fear. 

You live your life and let me live mine.  I will make the decision of which risks I take and that I don't.  You have no right or authority to dictate my freedoms as I am no criminal.  To pass laws that infringe on my rights to live free and happy is unconstitutional and last I knew of, the constitution was still in place.  I have more to say but I will give it a rest.


Proud to be an AMERICAN!!

Ratandred is the biggest freaking moron of all time. Worthless people like this idiot are exactly why this country has major problems. Go back to whatever stupid country you came from and take your Lord and master ex-president with you, we don't need garbage like you in this country destroying it

The simple, irrefutable fact is Covid19 is transmitted as an "aerosol". Simply put, someone WITH the virus exhales contaminated air and someone WITHOUT the virus inhales the contamination and gets Covid. The chances of getting it any other way are minuscule when you're not in nearly constant contact with an infected person. 


Wearing a mask dramatically reduces the area around the wearer that their exhaled air will travel,

Wearing a mask dramatically reduces the chance you will inhale a sufficient quantity of the virus to become infected yourself.


NOT wearing a mask cannot be tolerated as some bizarre form of "free speech" BECAUSE IT KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE and wearing the mask does nothing to interfere with your ability to speak your mind.

No Shirt

No Shoes


No Service


This is how the pandemic was ended everywhere its been ended - Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan - did not get to ZERO new infections by attending rallies and social gatherings without a mask.


No business should be permitted to serve customers who refuse to wear a mask. Political stupidity has been a major factor in killing over 500,000 Americans already. Time to try something that actually WORKS - MASK UP AMERICA!

From my perspective, viruses mutate and strive as they multiply to build resistance with each mutation. Clearly, this virus is NOT static based on our experience to date, ie UK, Brazil, S Africa, now India.    

#1 fear is this virus will mutate and nullify our efforts to vaccinate.  

As SLOW as we are moving to build herd immunity or vaccinate the world it would look like the virus is WINNING and the more we spread it, the more likely it is to mutate and kill us before we kill it!!

The Governors of the states have put businesses first, to the detriment of ALL of their citizens. By dropping mask mandates under the guise of "liberty" they neglect the fact that people who want to follow science are put at risk by their reckless actions. I truly wonder how many innocent health care heroes and civilians have caught Covid, some dying,  because of the selfishness of the foolish. My wearing a mask can't hurt you but you not wearing one can hurt not only yourself but your family and others. You and your Governors are only making this pandemic last longer and causing more harm than good.

I don't want to be negative regarding any state's response. I am, however, proud of NV even with our biggest city (my home) being the most impacted. We Las Vegans wear masks proudly and don't put up with any more bs! Please don't come to or return to Las Vegas if you don't intend to follow local restrictions! We don't want to be rude but we do enforce restrictions!


I do want to mention the former admin had the PERFECT out for either suggesting postponing the election or citing COVID-19 deaths among their "party" as a probable cause for the loss; except they didn't BELIEVE COVID was real until that one got it and by then, guess what? Too late; and too bad that loss didn't happen.



If Joe Biden really wants everyone to get the vaccine, he should emphasize the need to wear masks everywhere EXCEPT if you have the vaccine (2 shots) and two weeks have passed.  After that, you should wear masks when encountering other people in close proximity indoors only.  Outdoors, he should not wear a mask to encourage others to get the shot so you can start to be free!  There is minimal risk of catching Covid in open air especially if you had the vaccine.


His wearing the mask outdoors does NOT encourage others to get the vaccine, in fact, it does the opposite.

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