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Comedian Jim Breuer on Caring for his Dad and the Importance of Laughter

Good afternoon caregiving community! 


Last year, AARP held a comedy event for caregivers in LA featuring some outstanding comedians. One of those comedians, Jim Breuer, actually cared for his father, who had Alzheimer's. In a recent video, put together by AARP Studios, Jim discusses the importance of laughing through the tough times.


You can watch the VIDEO HERE


Let me know, how important is laughter in your day to day caregiving journey with your loved one? 



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I love this video because I feel like Jim and I think alike - especially the last thing he says in the video. Made me cry but made me feel so good that there are others out there who feel the way I do about caregiving. 

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Tough watching video, and I'm sure every caregiver & former caregiver can relate to it! The scene where he's checking his father's progress in the bathroom, and comes out gagging .. I unfortunately remember the one time I had to deal with an accident. And his comment about "don't give him any fruit or salad", made me laugh! I remember some well-meaning friend or relative suggesting vegetables for my aunt, and I thought, "She has no clue!"

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@EveRH A lot of people have been relating to that very thing! 

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