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Caregiving is one of the most difficult jobs yet very rewarding to have.  It's challenges can either drive you crazy or make you the most patient and understand person you thought you could never be.  Your Love that is deep within you surfaces up and makes you shine that the elderly can see more of who you are without even knowing you and will trust you and make you part of a family.  Vacation there are really no vacation in this line of work because everyone depends upon you as if no one can fill your shoes.  The Blessing is Loving them dearly and listening to them and laughing because they can be very witty at a moment of clarity and those moments last a life time of a memory of them.  I have so many memories of all the one's I have gotten to know.  One in particular had dementia, at the facility that she was in was having an auction using paper money.  Each were given $500.00 to spend on things that they had.  As each items were taken out for auction I tried to explain how it worked, but in her mind being from the depression erra could not process that it was paper money and not of her own earned money saved.  She did not need anything and refused to bid.  I encouraged her to place a bid for fun so I did the first bid for her, but was outbidded so I doubled the price and she said No, that is too much.  I said it is ok you have enough money to bid and she was persistant that she did not need the item so I bid higher and she looked at me with her stern face and said "Are you crazy? That piece of crap isn't worth 2 Cents!"  Her daughter and I never laughed so hard looking at her serious face.  I stopped in fear of giving her a heart attack.

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