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It takes a very special person to be a caregiver,If anyone has ever been one you know it's a job.If your caring for someone you love it's more difficult they didn't ask to be in that situation, it just happened. You don't want to hurt them or make them feel bad. if you know what they used to enjoy allow them to enjoy life. If possible be there with them while there doing it.The thing one miss in life is the things there us to doing. For example my husband use to love to grill. that was one of his joys. So I would go out and buy a eighty nine cents pack of hot dogs and stand buy him while he tries to do what he loves. Our girls would say do we really have to eat them,everyone wanted to help but. I said know let him do it even though the hot dogs were really burnt. he would still be grilling. To make a long story short Remeber they had a life also once upon of time.

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