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Caregiving for my husband

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Hi, Im Theresa and I'm new here, this site was recommended to me to help me reach out to other caregivers.  I have to say its been rough and not easy.  It started out with me being good with helping in all things I could.  I even quit my job to care for him full time.  My husband has MS and I have to dress, bathe, help him go to the restroom.  He drops things on a regular basis but can feed himself for the most part, he does tend to choke at times.  He's a big man, 6' 4 in. and 300 lbs, he's also in a wheelchair.  I have felt so much burn out this last year and I feel like I care for a child. I'm not sure where I can go for support in person.  Any advice out there for me would be greatly appreciated.

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