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Caregivers anonymously calling in elder abuse when it never happened

I am dealing with a situation where a caregiver to my grandmother called in to adult protective services to report abuse when there's been no abuse happening. I think this caregiver has a hangup since I photographed the room (when she wasnt there) of stuff she had not been doing and I mentioned this to my sister since she was the one who hired this woman. I got a call two days ago from my sister saying that the department of aging had been called in response to an anonymous abuse complaint. Now I know that you have some caregivers who will take advantage of seniors and get them to call on their family to start trouble. Yet how do they stop this kind of abuse by caregivers because I am a caregiver myself and I've had to report abuse, but I report things that actually happen not just heresay and allegations. My grandmother was diagnosed with dementia which is why so many caregivers are leery to work with people with dementia and alzheimers because these people make false reports on those who are actually there to help them. I don't know if there's any protections for family members and caregivers to protect themselves from outside caregivers who report false abuse allegations. Do these caregivers who make false abuse complaints aware that they are causing problems for that patient's family. This caregiver also comes off as being a meddler and being too involved with my grandmother when she is crossing the line as to what her duties are and knowing her place. Even on my job I know where my place is in terms of how I deal with my patients. When I report abuse I assess the situation before I call in so that it doesnt backfire on me where I reported something by mistake because once the department of aging gets involved it's on paper. This is why caregivers good ones need to be very careful about reporting abuse and ONLY report what you see because heresay is hard to prove and you want to protect your name and credentials. This caregiver who works with my grandmother I know is the one who made the call.

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Good grief, what a hassle for you.


I presume you've fired her? Can you use another agency, or complain to the agency about her? 


I used to work with several Adult Protective Services workers, and they may or may not investigate, based on what you say and what the worker says, and what they see, and then after that, start clean. That would be my advice.


People with dementia, at least the dozens i've worked with as a social worker, tend not to have it together enough to call APS themselves, but they will call 911 on occasion. Even that is rare. 


Are you a nurse? You sound very busy. Please write more if you like. We're here, and there is a huge breadth of experience here to support you and share our stories.


best of luck,


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"...I don't know if there's any protections for family members and caregivers to protect themselves from outside caregivers who report false abuse allegations...".


Nanny cams.

"...Why is everyone a victim? Take personal responsibility for your life..."
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