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Call your loved one in a long term care facility

When was the last time that you called your loved one in a long-tern care facility? Research has showed that it can make all the difference for their feelings of isolation, fear and loneliness. 


Give them a quick call!


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Friday - June 11, 2021


@AARPMichaelP awesome post. @LindaB671 sorry for your loss. @postman29 I agree 100% what you stated. Angela

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I will never understand how family members can walk away from a loved one after they are put into assisted living or nursing homes. I had to place my father into an assisted living facility shortly after my mom passed away because he was suffering from alzheimers disease. My dad lived there 11 years until he passed away after being placed in a nursing home 2 months prior to his passing. My wife and I were his sole caregivers as everyone else went on with their lives. While we couldn't call him due to his confusion we made sure to visit him at least once a week, especially to take him out for a donut or lunch. He loved it. Even though he couldn't remember my name the last 5 years of his life, which was very painful, the smile on his face when he saw me made me realize that he still recognized me, and that was enough. I just wish other family members cared enough to see that smile. Calling or visiting your loved one in a long-term care facility really does make a difference, not only for them but for you.

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@AARPMichaelP This is such a great idea! My mom passed away two months ago and was in a nursing home for the last two years of her life.

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