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Basic Info: Hiring An INSURED Caregiver

This was passed onto me from my Insurance Broker.  Just thought I would pass it along since it is just the basics.


Hiring An Insured Caregiver


If it is time to hire an in-home caregiver, make sure the person you hire is adequately insured.  Whether the caregiver is employed by a service or is an independent contractor, it is important to verify the following:


  • Workers compensation The caregiver should furnish proof of this insurance which covers medical bills and lost income should the worker be injured on the job. 
  • General LiabilityThis covers claims of bodily injury or property damage should the caregiver's services injure someone or damage a customer's property.
  • Professional LiabilitySome caregivers possess advanced medical certifications and training.  In these instances, a general liability policy might not be sufficient to cover their errors, if one should occur.  They might need professional liability insurance.
  • AutoIf the caregiver drives a client to and from errands, appointments, etc. verify that his auto insurance will cover damage to vehicles and bodily injury to passengers or others and that the limit of insurance available for such claims is sufficient.

You may be asked to enter into a contract with the caregiver or his employer.  That contract could contain clauses that expose you to financial liability that falls outside your homeowners liability.  Talk with your insurance agent or broker about the extent to which your homeowers policy covers in-home caregivers.




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