• b72153s

    My motherMy mother

    My name is Brenda and my sister Linda helped take care of our mother. This is my mom my sister was her caregiver. It takes patients, love, caring, talking, so that they know you really are taking very good care of them and lots of smiles and laughter.

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  • dchuey

    My wife has Secondary progressive MS and is confined to her powerchair during her waking hours.

    In order to keep her as dry as possible because of her incontinence, I put the night time Depends on her all the time.

    I also put a water resistant pillow cover on her cushions that she has on her chair.

    Sometimes when she gets very wet, before I can change her, it will leak through to the cushions.

    To prevent it from soaking the foam rubber, I get the disposable bed pads (Depends brand) and cut out the little u shape at the back and line the cushion with it before putting the cover back on. I keep 2 sets ready to go, while washing the covers.

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