• Normally when I know I will need to bring my father to store(s) to shop; since he still enjoys getting out; I plan days ahead completing all the shopping I need for myself. I am then able to concentrate solely on him. I know where we will be shopping and what he wants to buy. Then we are able to take as much time as needed from him to decide what type (pattern, style etc) he wants of an item. By focusing solely on my father, I can prevent him from wandering off and schedule rest or snack periods. Also having a preset list of items that he has agreed to, I can eliminate or reduce arguments and make the trip more pleasant for both of us.

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    My name is Brenda and my sister Linda helped take care of our mother. This is my mom my sister was her caregiver. It takes patients, love, caring, talking, so that they know you really are taking very good care of them and lots of smiles and laughter.

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