When my mom couldn't live alone and moved in with my husband and me 14 years ago, I did two things that helped us all adjust. The first thing I did was get her a phone line that kept her connected with her church friends and allowed her to know when to answer the phone. It also meant that she never was tying up our line when we wanted to use it. The other thing I did was to give my husband and myself a set amount of cash from her account every Monday. This "Monday money" was like a fun allowance that meant we weren't taking money out of our accounts to have some cash in our pockets. It reminded us that she was also giving and not only taking. Also I allowed her to pay when we went out to lunch to compensate for all the cooking that I do daily. She is 90 now and loves being in our home and part of a family. These two things that I did helped us not to resent her being here. 

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