Hi! I'm Kathy, a caregiver for my dad. He is 91 years old and takes nine pills a day.  Yes, it would save time for me to just count out my dad's medication and place in the weeks pill dispenser for him; but if I have HIM count the pills and individually pick up and place each pill in the daily spot, it's a great fine motor exercise.

Life is busy, and sometimes as caregivers, it is so much easier doing things for our loved ones. By doing this, they lose their sense of autonomy. It's important for them to feel as useful as possible.

Next time you are doing something for your loved one, ask yourself, can they safely do this themselves? If the answer is "yes", take the few extra minutes and provide supervision.

There is so much gratification for them to feel like they are doing their own tasks! 

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That is a great idea but let me tell you, some clients don't like to take medication. For some reason they will reject taking their dose. If that happens the caregiver should be ready to be awake all night, which is not good for them. 

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