95 years young!95 years young!


My mother-in-law who had Alzheimer's had lived with us for the last year and a half.  I got into the habit of making reservations and requesting a table near the front of the restaurant.  Since she used a walker and was very slow at walking, it really helped. She recently passed away.

I was recently reminded of this practice a couple of weeks ago when my sister and I took our 95 year-old aunt to lunch.  I was helping our aunt into the restaurant and noticed a couple of families parking their cars. I asked my sister to run and get our names down on the list.  She was not used to the practice, and I forgot to mention it.

Upon our names being called, the very patient hostess took us to the third table from the back of the restaurant.  Waitstaff had to stop to get arund us.  Everyone was very patient!  Unfortunately, they did not take into account how difficult it was for our aunt to walk that far to get to our table.  THEN, it had to be repeated to get out of the restaurant.  I contacted the manager, and I believe they will be more observent in the future for the elderly or handicapped guests.


Cecilia Romero, Aurora, CO

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