I am the caregiver and guardian for my 30 year old son with a TBI. Besides taking care of him what is hardmos paper work and paper trails. I have a collection of forms I Keep of everything from a Med schedule which shows each Med and doseage . This has a grid under showing the week and all month almost in calendar form with a spot for,am and pm so it can be checked off. . Then a section for all his doctors and specialist . There are pages where each time there is a interaction whether it is by phone , letter or in person . Why, where when, the reason for the interaction and what the outcome was and also has a section for if their is follow up, Med added or taken away or a referral. Their is another for daily notes on behavior ,mood, and any other notes on how the day went. I have maybe a dozen or so sections. When and if a emergency happens this book goes with us. It also has sections for case workers . If I need to bring in another caregiver as they walk in the door they pick it up and read the daily notes. It gives them a idea on what has been happening lately without having to track anyone down.

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my personal preference is e-docs or scanning documents to pdf then saving in structured folders (e.g., Alex>pain>11112017).


I load back up to google cloud so can access on my phone or tablet (some will write this is not safe but today, what is "safe"?).







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