Have an active elderly neighbor you haven't seen for a day or two. Check to insure they are okay and don't need anything.

Your neighbor can no longer drive to the grocery store. Invite them to go with you. If he or she can't go, get whatever they may need.

A neighbor live alone, take a sweet and go visit. Or just go visit. I have done all three, made a wonderful friend and nothing can replace that.

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Great post. But please also know some of us older people have to work for now...


I leave before the sun comes up and return after sun goes down. You may not see me for months except now we have trash/recycle day which is obvious.


I'd say for "active seniors" maybe don't be concerned until you don't see trash/recycle for 2 weeks? Just saying, if I've been working 18 hours, knocking on my door will not be welcome...


I agree completely. I worked 16 to 18 hours a day Monday through Friday and at times through Sunday for 8 years. When I said active and out every day, I meant the folks no longer employed and outside working in their yards. Like my wonderful 97 year old neighbor.

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