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What You Need to Know About Online Bill Pay

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Most banks and credit unions offer free online bill pay features with your account. Find out what those are and why you might want to use them. Have you tried online bill pay?

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Re: What You Need to Know About Online Bill Pay

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I use my banks' bill pay service and would never want to go back to the old-fashioned way. This service is so easy to use and makes keeping track of due dates and payments a cinch. 

You must first sign up with your bank to use the service, then follow the easy set up steps and pay your bills. 

You simply input your billing information, such as: company name, address, account number, etc.. It can be set to automatically pay all or specific bills, or you can do all the bill payment yourself. You can also set up reminders of due dates so you never miss a payment. 

I love it as I no longer have to write checks or buy stamps for bills. 

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Re: What You Need to Know About Online Bill Pay

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I usually pay my bill online using the online site of the company that I want to pay.  Example would be Mastercard ( use their website or app) phone ( use Verizon, AT&T or Sprint)  Macy's , Nordstrom, Neiman etc use their website for bill pay.   I like it because I can schedule a payment before the due date or use the due date to make the payment and it is direct to that company.   At the end of each transaction, I can get an email notification of the payment which I put into an online folder for each payer.  I keep all billing and payment update for 6 months to a year online.  This eliminates paper storage and my files are safe.   I do use an automatic backup to the Cloud weekly.  

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