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Have you heard of anyone who has received their Stimulus check? 

And why not?


I am 77 and li ve in a dormitory environment. On my floor there are 7 people on SSA, all non-filers, on the second floor there are 5 more. Of the 12, 9 use Direct Express. On the 29th, 1 person received their payment, One the 30th, none. On the first, none. If you are in the category of being a non-filer on Social Security it does no good to use GetMyPament. GetMyPayment only works for filers. Non-filers automatically get the "unable" response. IRS provides absolutely no information to non-filers. It has gone from "in the near future" to "soon" to "Week of Apr 27th". Well the week is over and almost no one in this category has received a payment.

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I receive Soc.Sec direct deposit, have not filed a tax reutrn for several years, did not give my banking info to the IRS.  My check was deposited into my account today.

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Most people have recievied them.


You can check by going on the IRS site..I did and my check will be mailed on May 1st>

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I went on the IRS Website. They said mine would be mailed on the 24th. I received it by mail on the 20th - earlier than I expected. 

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My mom got hers.  

Her friend, who still works and who has her refunds tagged to prepay the next year's taxes, has not.  She's never had a refund deposited to a bank account.  So I assume she will get a paper check at some point.   

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We got ours, our kids got theirs and they live "coast to coast", so I'd suggest the key is if you got your tax refund via direct deposit, you got your stimulus check.

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