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Not you father's long distance calling card service...

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I'm a prepper type of person, and recently I wondered, what would I do if I had an emergency, and my mobile phones were lost, stolen, broken, out of power, or out of coverage? Let's say I got to a phone, like a hotel phone, or someone loaned me the use of a phone, how would I call for help?


In my "old days", the 1980s and 1990s before I had a cell phone, I kept a long-distance calling card. I realized that was the answer I was looking for. I used to have MCI Calling Cards, but they went bust. I found a service called, which is a classic telephone calling card service, where you call an access number, enter a PIN, then you make your call, but with important differences.


  • In the USA it's a penny per minute, and your minutes don't expire (they have major city access numbers, more costly if you call the (800) toll-free access numbers
  • You can define the phones you will call from in your online profile, so it will not ask you for a PIN
  • You can call from a smartphone app which is cool for free; so my tablet which isn't even a phone works for this. Of course, it a clever and cheap way to call back home from overseas. Just get into coffeeshop Wifi, and you're calling home for a penny a minute. Best to call from Amsterdam coffeeshops
  • You can get an incoming phone number from them for extra. I didn't bother.
  • All account management, recharging, is online. You don't have to be on auto-recharge
  • Speed dialing, of course.
  • I bought $10, so 1000 minutes. That will probably last me a lifetime, as it's just a backup service

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Re: Not you father's long distance calling card service...

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The site provided is a dead end. I need a calling card ASAP. Thx.

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Re: Not you father's long distance calling card service...

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sh64992316 wrote:

"...The site provided is a dead end. I need a calling card ASAP. Thx....".

All you have to do is go online and search on 'calling cards'. You will get any number of sites that will help you purchase the type of card that best fits your needs. The previous post here is 3 years old.

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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