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Losing Lost Home. Just whining and complaining

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Losing Lost Home. Just whining and complaining

My wife was born with Selective Autoimmune Difficencies. She has been in the hospital every year of out 35 years together. Since the first of July she spent 14 days in the hospital. Treat is horrible here in La. She was not diagnosised until 1995 in Georgia. When we moved back to Baton Rouge with test results and diagnosis by several doctors, we could not find a doctor in Baton Rouge that even believed her. Went to Cleveland Clinic and reeived further confirmation. Still could not get help here. We now have a doctor at Tulane Med, 70 miles away, that works with her. All this to say bills have built up. In 2003 I had to go on disablilty, she has been on. The increase in SSD as been well below the inflation level. At first I could make the mortgage payments and put money into savings. Then no savings then had to ask USAA Bank for help when I knew we were in trouble. Nothing they would do, then we missed a month or two but with fines and penalties the note was too much. We apply for reverse mortage and consolidation but we were not earning enough money. We own our house but if we sold we could not afford to buy again because of debt. We are now in bankruptcy and not sure what the future holds. I never had great jobs and I had a lot of them. You see I have been in ministry since the 80s and prefer to be tentmaker. I worked with international students from China and Russia, the closed countries at the time. We have done alright but we tripped and the vultures have us. Our house is schedule for sheriff's sale in Oct. We have it on the market but it needs cosmetics to get full value which is around 170000. I house is on sale for 150000 but needs painting and cleaning. So minor work on molding and interior walls but all cosmetic. I should walk away with 95000 which in this area can't buy a house in a flood plain after it was flooded. Big flood here in 2016, but La floods specially if you build in a the swamp! I was 10 foot about the flood. Any way just want to complain. As a minister and follower of Christ I wonder if people really understand what being a Christian is all about and what a nation who calls itself Christian should be, according the Scripture. Matt 25:31 ff, the sheep and goats is really just a summary for simple minded folk like me to know what I am to be doing. The teaching is solid from the Torah to Revelations. Any way just a whining. God gives us nothing we can't handle and this to He will handle. Tim
Matt 25:31ff
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