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Late to saving? How will you make your money last into retirement?

Late to saving or concerned you will be able to make your money last? Share--and learn--tactics how you will make your money last into your retirement years. 

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Oh, lets not forget the AARP Rewards for Good page either. I have paid nothing for magazine subscriptions on the Daily Deal and am currently saving up my points for the Holidays and the shopping I want to do. 


Things take research and time to find, but one can save money in life. One very good deal is right here in our own back yard. 

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Something I learned that helps. Dollar General store for the most part can cut your food bill as well as household cleaning supplies. 


Do I care that they don't have a huge variety of Campbell's soup, and the Campbell's Chunky soup variety? Nope, because you can get some variety and at $2.35 for one Chunky in the grocery store, I can get it at DG for $1.97 and when on sale $1.00 a can. (savings $0.38 to $1.35 per can) On the big 25% more Chicken Soup from Campbell's It's $1.50 in the grocery, it's been steadily selling for $1.00 (savings $0.50 per can) and that's just soup. They have a little bit of everything from soup to nuts and it is all well within date of experation. 


Some of the best bargains have been with National Brands like Clorox or Lysol and the like. The packaging can sometimes be in French or Spanish but after using it for most of my life I never read the labels anymore anyway as I know the cautions and how to use them. 


Bathroom Tissue, a huge chunk of money these days is also much less expensive there. They even have weekly circulars on line, but you get the best deals in the store itself. 


These days I have shaved about $50.00 from my monthly shopping because I take my list and stop there first, then hit the grocery for produce and meat which I can afford more of because of smart shopping. 


It could be worth taking the time to check Dollar General out. 




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I agree with ms1877. Dollar General is my favorite discount shopping store. I love the Progresso soups and they are much cheaper there than Krogers.
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I am also very fond of Dollar Tree. There are many name brand items there. I would not buy toilet paper there though. It is an off brand and not of good quality. I have been pleased with most of their products. I even buy my face cream-Dermasil-there. It is $8.00 in the drug store and $1.00 at Dollar Tree.
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I don't know if all Dollar Tree's are the same or not s804940b

but the one nearest where I live has more than put me off to shopping there. 

However I am pleased that the one you shop in sounds more like it has what folks need, so I guess it depends on where they are located. 

Still worth looking into them if you need to save money, and who doesn't these days. 

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This is only for the actual Dollar Tree and not another dollar store. Many name brand pasta's, pasta sauce, soups, baked beans, tortilla's, fresh bread, freezer food, clay litter, good quality dog cookies, bleach in the awesome brand. I could go on forever.
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Thank You LydiaN586309, It is always nice when someone agrees. I appreciate your response.



I agree; they do have wonderful sales and savings on soups and household items.  Unfortunately, I have high blood pressure, and our Dollar Generals in my town don't carry any items that are "low" or "no" sodium.  While I do buy household goods there, I have to buy all my "low" or "no" sodium foods at the grocery store.  Kudos to Dollar General, though, for the wonderful prices on household goods!  This is, in and of itself, a savings.

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I hear you DavidH663389 and I know what you are going through and understand. It isn't at all easy to save when you need a special diet, and GOOD FOR YOU for sticking to it. Woman Happy

Glad you can save on the household goods though.

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