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Hartford Insurance company has extremely high rates

 My parents asked my to write their check for their yearly home insurance. They make full payments a year in advance, the bill was roughly $3500. I asked to compare the services to State Farm, needless to say I was able to recieve the same services for roughly $900. I was appalled that AARP would endorse a company of which they must know is consisitantly charging AARP members extremely high rates. I could only conclude AARP must be receiving a kickback from Hartford!

The State Farm agent said this was of no suprise to them of the extreme high rates from the Hartford and indorsement from AARP. 

Needless to say I was also able t reduce not only their Homeowners by $2600 but their car insurence from $3200 to roughly $700. Mom doesnt drive and Dad possibly drives 20miles per month. 

If the Hartford really cared about their customer they would call or ask for a survey.

I dont expect this post to be posted as it exposes what I can only imagine is taking place 100, 000 of times and making big money for the Hartford company and possibly AARP.


Just received our renewal. 35% increase! No tickets no accidents. The combined  increases over  two years has been over 60%! How does AARP justify associating themselves with Hartford Insurance? AARP represents for the most part seniors on fixed budgets. I’m going to shop around for insurance but I think I will be relinquishing my AARP membership as well. It is cereal to me from my own experience as well as other posts I have read that AARP does not have seniors best interest at heart.


I just received my renewal for the Hartford and the rate increase is unjustified and highway robbery, it went up 27.45% and this is supposed to be with AARP advocating for us not doing such a great job. Every year they go up on the rates and it is usually double digit increase percentage wise. I have not had a ticket in almost 40 years and filed no claims. I will be seeking quotes at other insurance companies and hopefully done with Harford, they should change their name to Heartless Insurance .

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