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Financial Planning Software Suggestions?

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I'm looking for windows software that will help with projections. I know my soc security and pension at diffferent ages and income from ira. I'd like to try some software that allows me to input these incomes and also expenses and tax assumptions for seeral decades. Can anyone suggest anything?

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Re: Financial Planning Software Suggestions?

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I kept up with mine, retirement pension, by using Excel. I new how our retirement was figured and on what percentage for number of years and had it very close to what I am receiving. 


Social Security I kept up with on the SS web site and the information I was sent every year. I did not know the exact amount I would receive until I filed to start drawing my SS.


Figuring out the future is a guess. Will taxes go up, stay the same or be lowered? Will insurance go up, stay the same but probably never be lowered? This year I already know my dental insurance is going to stay the same for next year, I haven't heard from health insurance and Medicare at this time. My home insurance I was able to lower quite a lot a couple of years back by switching companies and having both my home and auto insurance with the same company. 

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Re: Financial Planning Software Suggestions?

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I too use Excel. I particularly like this article. Of course, you will get varying opinions. Part of the 'what is best for you' would have to do with how good is your math and software background.


My Favorite Retirement Calculators - Can I Retire Yet?


(good for you for taking the interest and the time to work out your 'numbers')

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