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Do you plan to spend or save your stimulus check?

Are you using the stimulus check to offset an unexpected cost such as dental work? Or, are you putting it into savings? Have you decided how to earmark the extra funds?

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I have yet to receive the $1400.00 stimulus check for this year (2021). I know others in the same boat. Does anyone know why I've not gotten mine yet? I sure do NEED it. I'll be back tomorrow to read responses and I pray someone can explain why some have gotten it and some have not. And no, I live on less than a thousand per month so I'm not rich. Thanks for anyone's help! Goodnight.

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When and How one gets their last stimulus was based on their classification -

tax payer, SS or VA beneficiary, SSI beneficiary, etc.

Whether or not you get direct deposit of tax refund or benefits or if you get them on a card.

Whether or not you have a representative payee for your benefits.


Did you move or change bank accounts recently?

Have you already filed your taxes for 2020?


Don't know if this will help but Forbes just updated this article on 06/09/2021:

Forbes Advisor updated 06/09/2021 - I’m Still Waiting For My Stimulus Check. When Will It Arrive? An... 


I know this may not help much now but you won't lose it, if you are eligible, cause when you do your taxes in 2022 for tax year 2021 - you can claim it then and get the money.


If all else fails in your checking - call your CongressCritters office - they have staff that should be able to help in the search.

Sorry - that's all I got.

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Doing my part to keep restaurants afloat by ordering more meal deliveries. LOL And set part of it aside to pay the tax due on receiving the stimulus -- something that many people are not aware they will be liable for if their circumstances require them to pay taxes for 2020 and 2021.

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It all gets donated. We don't want or need the money so it all goes to charities of our choice.

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Hi @AARPLynne I spent the first two on my car and fingers crossed I get to save the one I just received today. If you donot mind sharing, no pressure, same question to you.

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First I have to get the 3rd Stimulus Check. But unfortunately I don't file taxes. Don't know when I'll get it. I plan on buying a electric scooter. Tired of peddling. ☺️. I'm just saying

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The whole point of the "stimulus" is to stimulate demand in the economy. It helps those who have lost work (partially or totally) during the pandemic, but even so it still is to stimulate the economy by allowing those who have lost work to continue to pay their bills, purchase goods and services, and keep things rolling (rather than the awful scenario of our economic system entirely seizing up).


Simply banking the stimulus funds will not serve what they were intended for. They will not stimulate the economy. The patriotic thing to do is spend it all...somehow.


I suppose this presents the problem with stimulus that is not targeted by need. I am retired and I did not "need" the stimulus funds, even though I am waiting until a later age to collect my Social Security benefit. Yet my wife and I received full stimulus amounts for both tranches.


Funds from the first stimulus we gave away to local nonpartisan charitable nonprofits, including several local food banks which were direly needed by local residents (and in dire need of assistance themselves) during the past year. We are working on doing the same for the second stimulus.

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