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Re: ATM Smart Savings Sweepstakes

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Re: ATM Smart Savings Sweepstakes

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I do not understand your message. Was it directed @ me? Jf Anderson  

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Re: ATM Smart Savings Sweepstakes

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There are so many ways to save. Although my home is small, I have a place for 2 bags/containers - One is for plastic water and soda type bottles have been flattened as much as possible. Recycling places even prefer you put the lids back on after flattening! That helps to put extra weight to the bag when it is time to take it to the recyclers. The other bag/container is for soda or other beverage cans - aluminum only. Flatten these as much as possible also then tie off the bags and store in a shed or other out of sight place until its convenient to take them to the recyclers. I wait until I have several bags to take all at once. It really adds up!


Some recyclers only take plastic bottles and the cans, but other recyclers will take tin cans, broken appliances - big and small as well as electronics. No need to toss that broken fan when you can just take with you on your next trip to recyclers - they pay you for your unusable stuff!





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