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Re: Time Seems To Race By Faster As We Age

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Good point
Along those lines, I have also said that the human brain's "random access memory " is also a factor.

You can instantly recall something that happened 40 years ago as quickly as something that happened 4 hours ago.
This can kind of "mess around" with relative time perception.

On the other hand, if our brains worked like tape drives, where you had to hit REWIND and wait while your brain rolled backwards to recall an old memory, then time might feel more consistent.

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Re: Time Seems To Race By Faster As We Age

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What about the analogy of life being like bicycling to the top of a hill. The top of the hill is the pinacle of our careers/lives just before retirement/empty nest .. it really is "all uphill" .. often a slow stuggle pedalling the bike; getting an education, a job, raising a family, juggling all those balls. Then you hit the top of the hill .. retirement/kids being independent, when you can kick back to relax & enjoy the fruits of your labor. And what's it like going down a hill on a bicycle .. coasting with ease .. fast & speeding up as you go.

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Time Seems To Race By Faster As We Age

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Since the feeling of time passing faster as we age is universal and seems to be reported by both active people and those in retirement homes with very little daily variety, we propose a different theory.

Not just a psychological fact, but a truly biological effect related to aging. Just as wrinkles, grey hair, weakened eyesight and loose skin are universal symptoms of aging --- I theorize that something about the aging of the brain actually changes the way memory is perceived.

This would explain why it is a universal phenomenon and is reported by people of all activity levels. It is not as simple as saying busy people feel time flies by faster, because even interviews with older people in nursing homes who only play cards all day or sit by a lake looking at nature or reading a book still claim time flies by faster and faster for them each year.

Your thoughts ?

Michael Spitzer

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