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The Brain

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I would like to share an informative resource with the community.  PBS aired a series of programs by David Eagleman entitled "The Brain" that I found so illuminating that I went to their website and ordered the whole series.......primarily because I did not know when the series would be repeated, if ever. 


Documented scientific data in the series could help explain human behavior otherwise extremely hard to understand with any degree of accuracy, especially the erratic behavior throughout the religious and political environment of our Nation and this world. The worth to you depends on your ability to put aside preconceptions and view human beings objectively.....Scientifically is another way to put it, I suppose. 


Eagleman presents the brain as essentially blind, deaf, mute and sensation free....a biological computer wholly dependant upon input provided by sensors to neural pathways within the brain as it may have developed from birth. If such is truly the case, how you evaluate other people, their role relative to you and how you should deal with them must be re-examined carefully.....otherwise you, yourself,  run the risk of behaving irrationally. 


Once store....."THE BRAIN"........David Eagleman.  You might not "enjoy" it, but it most certainly will illuminate your "world view" in a postive way.



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