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Re: Normal memory loss or dementia or Aspertame??

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People need to know that the chemical sweetener Aspertame (also goes by other names) has been found to be the cause of Alzheimer's-type symptoms in many people.  People who eat and drink a lot of "diet" drinks and foods that have the Aspertame sweetener in them (including many yogurts) need to stop ingestion of that product immediately. Scientists (including Mercola) have found that by stopping the usage of Aspertame products, many of these patients bounce back to their near-normal selves again after a short period of time.  If you have been using Aspertame sweetened products, stop using them NOW. 

Here's a few links to verify:   (You're welcome).   ;-)

The question is this:  If Aspertame is so dangerous to our health, WHY is still being produced and sold in the US?

My answer is this.....(sad to say) there's WAY too much tax money that would be lost if they did......just like all those Tobacco products that are being sold!!   Isn't that SICKENING???    ;-(

As seen on many bumper stickers and signs throughout the USA: "Hillary for Prison.....Lock Her Up!"
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Re: Normal memory loss or demenita?

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Normal memory loss or dementia?

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How do you know which it is?  AARP has a test that can help!



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