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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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So true, yet even more impactful on memory is activity. First influencer on memory, cognition, brain function is movement! After that comes diet, mental engagement, etc. Eat fish while taking a walk. Ha haaaaa  

Kymberly Williams-Evans
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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Coconut oil is very good for mental function improvement. May be used on toast in hot ceral smoothies or stir fries even baked goods.
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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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What was the question again   -    I forgot 

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Let's see. My normal breakfast will be whole grain oats.Lunch will be a can of sometimes beans, peas or rice. Typically no meat in either meal. Supper- fish or chicken or meat & feash vegetables. Get milk in the morning. I don't know whether that diet helps memory loss that much, but it is great for weight loss, even though all my canned lunch veggies are cooked with either ham or bacon.


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Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Put down that steak and order fish!!


Mono- and polyunsaturated fats may be the heroes in the dietary battle to preserve memory.  What dietary changes have you made to preserve your memory? 

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