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Child-resistant packaging required for products containing imidazolines


Child-resistant packaging required for products containing imidazolines

My mother needs to use lubricating OTC eye drops, however, these items are now required to come in childproof packaging, which se cannot open.  Options?

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Yes @AnneK431343 , this is a problem. They tried to do senior friendly/child resistant packaging. However, I think their studies did not include every possible ability.


I did some research and found a product. It is supposedly sold at some eye care clinics and on the manufacturers website. It is called "Nanodropper". It is designed to dispense eye drops of the exact dose instead of the sometimes many drops that run down your cheek. The best part is that it also replaces your lid and it comes in a sterile package. The resulting lid looks easier to open. This is designed to fit most eye drop bottles (otc and rx). They give requirements for thread size and so forth so you don't buy one and not fit. You should get one for each bottle when needed as it is sterile. (There is a video on their website of how to use it and the parts involved) 


You might check it out and also check area eye care clinics. It sounds good as in you only need to open the hard to open bottle once.  I hope this helps in some way.

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@AnneK431343 thank you for caring so much for your mother! Until this post I hadn't actually thought about this, even as I have the same issue with everyday common products.


As my google search returned no viable options, I'd ask #AARP to please address this? I think it's important to us now and many future generations!


Thank you, @AnneK431343 , for a great topic!



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