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Re: Challenge Your Brain

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You don't need anything elaborate. Reading, both for pleasure and understanding what is happening in the world might help. Also, simply working out, eating right, and interacting with people (such as doing volunteer work) help. Trying to do puzzles or games is only a small part.

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Re: Challenge Your Brain

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Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. I was on my way home from the university where I’d just started a Master’s program. Doctors told me I was looking at a 10-year recovery. Fifteen months later, I still had no short term recall. Lacking patience, I took it upon myself to research my disability. This was a challenge because I was unable to comprehend or retain much of what I read so I took copious notes. Clearly, there is value in playing brain games, eating brain foods (Omega 3), trying new things, physical exercise, etc. 


In my research, I discovered a simple way to spur brain cell growth: Use all five senses at one time. For example: While reading (eyes) and holding a book in your hands (touch), listen to soothing music (sound), burn an aromatic candle (smell) and pop a mint into your mouth (taste). This not only helps memory, but creativity and much more. This I continue to do.


About three years into my recovery, I returned to school against doctor's advise. It took a bit longer to earn my degree, but I graduated with a 4.0.  I gave myself an A+ for perseverance.

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Challenge Your Brain

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What do you do to challenge your brain? Please share your tips here with others.

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